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West Virgina 2018
This is our introduction video
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Nice little route
made by Karen
great place to eat
Marcia found this
route lots of
country and
some neat roads
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Next time and suggested!
West Virginia Toy Hauler Part 1 2018
Well we're still here in Bushnell we have caught up with our videos and pictures of our rides here we will be
posting a video of our Sunday ride we have already posted our pictures. With the time we have here it gives
me a chance to work on our West Virginia trip here is our first day in West Virginia that we rode this is really
Marcia's first time making a trip with her trike she is in explorer mode, somehow we got off route ended up
on some of these very small roads at one point I wanted to turn around the road was set up for traffic in both
directions but looked only wide enough for one car a lot of these roads we're very curvy with hills and you
could not see if anything was coming but the scenery what's great we ended up in a little town call Paint
Bank and we ate at The Swinging Bridge restaurant which is very interesting they have a lot of things to look
at some beautiful scenery in this area even saw three deer, and now we know dear do poop in a field
we saw it...����...

Coming Soon!!!